OPTIMA OPTO Co., Ltd.’s primary area of business is LCD module design and manufacturing.  With over 10 years of industrial experience and expert team members, our division is primarily focused on industrial and commercial projects.

OPTIMA carries out the entire technical support of the provided production for range in COB, SMT, COG, TAB, VATN, TFT and OLED display.  In addition to provide wide range standard display items, we have highly operational efficiency in offering display solution from development stage to customers.

OPTIMA is devoted to become one of the best partner for our customers. “To be an optimal partner” is our mission. We are well prepared to meet your requirements for your new project. We are committed to meeting your product needs with consistent quality and on-time delivery at a very competitive cost.  We believe that OPTIMA will be your optimal choice.

Quality Control System
Quality figures prominently as a fundamental value in all aspects of our manufacturing.  Our strength is consistently maintained through our effective manufacturing and strict quality system.

Incoming & Quality Control
1. AQL standard sampling inspection.
2. Incoming Engineering, Mechanical, Electronical, Optical test.
3. Vendor quality Audit.

In process & Assurance System
1. On line QC (clean, printing, chip position)
2. 100% test & Inspection after wire bounding. (electronical, optical)
3. Final test & Inspection (100% QC, mechanical, electronical, optical.)
4. Functional test of LSI, LCD, contrast, etc.

Out Going & Quality Control
1. Functional test (electronical, AC, DC, pin terminal, mechanical)
2. LCM QC test (contrast, characters, display, etc.)
3. Sampling QC according to AQL Standard.

Our Goal                                                                What we provide?
Yield Rate98%                                                      Excellent Qualit
Rate of Reject1%                                                  Fast and Exact Service
L/T achievement=99%                                             Competitive Cost
Satisfaction95%                                                    Always be Trusted in

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Taichung headquarter office: +886-4-35051156
Taipei branch office: +886-2-55760051
Email: sales@optima-opto.com.tw
Headquarter Add.: 8F-1, No.934, Sec.4, Wenxin Rd., Beitun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan
Factory Add.: No. 128, Scientific & Education Pioneer Park, Wujin District, Changzhou City,
Jiangsu Province, China

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Email: sales@optima-opto.com.tw
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